Information I should Have Before I Write My Research Paper

Before embarking on the process of writing a research paper, I need to have certain information. You also need to have similar information to ensure that your effort is not in vain and what you write will be accepted as attaining the right level of quality. Once the information is combined with passion and discipline, the resulting write up is a great piece of work.

Like in everything else you seek to build, you need first to ask yourself a question; what is a research paper. A good research paper is a relatively long essay that combines research and a writer’s opinion on a certain topic. In the final analysis, to produce a research essay, you need to have read substantially on the topic and formulated your own thoughts from what you have read. Your thoughts do not have to agree with all the research findings you come across. Analysis of different perspectives is an important part of writing a research paper, and you are expected to do it if you are going to get the information right.

If you are a student at any level of education, from high school all the way to advanced degrees, need to learn how to write their own research papers. This is because the papers are an important way of enabling you to demonstrate that you have the requisite skills to get information and compile it into a coherent and informative report.

Developing a Research Paper Outline and Other Steps Towards Completing

Before embarking on writing a research paper, you need to write its outline. This outline can, of course, only be developed after a topic has been selected. The topic that you choose should be one that arouses interest in you. It should also be challenging enough to push you to actually work to gain the necessary information concerning the topic. For the topic to be good enough to produce a good paper, it needs to be narrow enough to give you an area of focus in the research.

You should also read the instructions carefully before taking any step. This is because the paper is only useful if it meets the requirements of the instructor. Reading of these instructions is important even for selection of the topic. In some instances, the topic is given by the professor in the instructions.

After the topic has been identified, whether by you or from instructions, the second step is to gather relevant information. This is the research part of the work.  You can gain information from many different sources You may be at liberty to get information from any source in which case you can read all types of books and electronic and other sources of information. Sometimes the instructor might have outlined the types of sources that they want to be used in the paper. In such a case, you have to use only the recommended sources. Sometimes the requirement may be for the sources not to be from earlier than a stipulated time. Sometimes the instructions may be that you should only use certified journal articles for a certain duration. This is another reason why you are must take a lot of time when reading instructions.

The next step that is very important for the overall focus of the research paper. It is here that you as a writer formulate your thesis statement. This is a statement that condenses the main theme of the paper into one or two sentences. A thesis statement should be clear, and it also must be in line with the selected topic. A thesis statement is important as it focusses the paper. It is for this reason that you should take the time to formulate this statement making it as clear as it can possibly get. While the thesis statement should be formed at the beginning of the paper, you can keep refining its wording as you continue with writing until you get it just right.

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Research paper writing also requires that you as a writer come up with a good outline. A good outline helps you in research. This is because it helps you to break down the research you need to conduct into sections. When it is broken down in such a manner, it is easier for you to make sure that the research conducted for each section is exhaustive and therefore meets the objectives that you set out to meet. The following are some of the sections you have in the outline: –

  • Introduction
  • Body
    • The body can also be divided into different sections
  • Conclusion
  • The conclusion
    • An analytical summary
    • A rewording of the thesis
    • A final statement

When You Cannot Produce the Best Research Essays

There are many reasons why a person may not be able to produce good written papers. It could be that you just cannot get ideas for research papers. Lack of time or simply an inability or unwillingness to work on the paper at the time when it is supposed to be worked on.

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